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How is this going Even if Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart Jiang Feng and the others couldn t compare to him, they wouldn t be so far behind Feng Lingchong checked it himself, but Feng Lingchong s face was pale when he saw the truth.

Jiang Feng, what do you mean Do you still see me as the sect master in your eyes Sect master, you are only in the late stage of Mahayana, I think it doesn t weight loss boot camp make much difference if I see you now or not Since that s the case, Jiang Feng will simply tear up his face.

Here, that is the law of the jungle Once someone discovers your value in alchemy, do you know how dangerous it is Jiang Feng had a dark face.

The prince angrily patted the table directly. What does Jiang Feng am i in ketosis mean The prince belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf specifically hoped to keep Marquis Weiyuan and some of Marquis Weiyuan s powerful subordinates.

Every few decades, the monsters below would also try to Golden IPTV am i in ketosis break through the seal, but they were suppressed every time.

Holding Thunder Soul in his hand , Slashing out with one sword after another, the electric arc can t do any am i in ketosis harm to Phoenix at all, but at least it can affect am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss him a little, making it uncomfortable am i in ketosis and slowing down his speed.

The doubled coercion made the faces of the two people who had been oppressed turn pale.

He seldom makes a move, but whenever he makes a move, it must be the emergence of an extraordinary elixir.

In their hearts, they also wanted to stop Jiang Feng from saving Zuo Guangyu.

You go first, I ll deal with him Qin He er and the other three didn t belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf neglect, and left quickly, they couldn t help now.

This Jiang Feng was very stubborn, and when he couldn t hold on, he should give up.

Mu Que, what do you want to do Xiaojiao s second attempt was actually worse than the first, which made her very annoyed.

He also told Sanskrit to humiliate Jiang Feng and destroy his arrogance.

He am i in ketosis had no doubts about this brother. Jiang Feng will never forget that day.

It s a pity that the Alchemy Pavilion is currently Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis on strike, and Xie Yijue and Gong E are in the same breath.

Empress Liu smiled achieving zero diet pills slightly, Then I will am i in ketosis thank Elder Xu Wan An from Wanbing Building was very curious, what kind of prescription is am i in ketosis this that can make Empress Liu so happy Another two months later, the emperor still has not left the customs.

But Yin Chang still tried it out That was three days later, when Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart this monster in the fusion spirit stage was at its weakest.

Now, we can completely switch from defense to offense. am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss am i in ketosis The official belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf duel with the third prince Is it time to start The prince obviously didn t expect it, it was a bit too soon.

This, this is not true, impossible. Xia Ze suddenly became excited, Jiang Feng actually advanced, fifth for the time being.

Tianjiaohou is still Tianjiaohou, but there are belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf no other awards. Even good diet pills that help lose weight fast the benefits that can be obtained as the champion of the Martial Arts Championship have all been cancelled.

At this time, the am i in ketosis monster also realized that once the am i in ketosis Tianhe six am i in ketosis phase array of the entire central city Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis is activated, its preparations for so many years will come to naught.

Gong E and the others were stunned, yes, this explanation is reasonable.

Those who make it to the top 200 will get a place to enter. Those who participated in this final assessment also had their own ten quotas.

If Xuanyuan Suyi doesn t care about am i in ketosis am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss it, then Weiyuanhou s angry little daughter in law can t justify it.

Jiang Feng was already outraged. The crown prince didn t say a word, Tianjiao Hou best weight loss aid for women Jiangfeng was kind to him in saving his life.

Jiang Feng, who had never been particular about his clothes, also changed can you buy golo at walgreens into a set of white satin robes, which matched his pretty small figure, and he was really handsome.

As soon as Jiang Feng came in, his face was pale, his breathing Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart was difficult, and he was about to collapse in minutes.

Suddenly, it was discovered that the resurgence match, which Golden IPTV am i in ketosis was supposed to be full of highlights, had almost no highlights after Jiang Feng kept his spot.

Tianmen Sect, as Jiang Feng s sect, naturally benefited from Jiang Feng.

Chu Yu shouted anxiously, but the people under the second prince, are they all vegetarians In the first moment, Chu Yu was already under control, silently, without alarming anyone.

do any fat burning pills actually work

But when Xiaojiao came in, Jiang Feng was out in the same way, which made Xiao Lao furious.

It stands to am i in ketosis reason that most people would definitely be depressed Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis when encountering such a Golden IPTV am i in ketosis Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis thing, but he, Jiang Feng, did not.

Of course, as long as you Golden IPTV am i in ketosis take it, you will soon feel that you can t control your anal sphincter, and you may pull your pants down What Can t you give him a fake one Liu Shi s face was big Change.

After all, you don t have the strength of am i in ketosis How To Lose Weight Gained From The Pill the top 30 at catholic prayer to lose weight all Jiang Feng frowned.

fast body detox to lose weight

How did they get in Because of this Jiang Feng took out the demon talisman.

But in reverse, we will Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis be what medication for weight loss suppressed. Are you sure I don t know, I m already thinking about the next round Shun Xu was taken aback Golden IPTV am i in ketosis for a moment, and then he am i in ketosis was overjoyed.

Your Highness, the general situation is over The general situation is over Zhong Shangshu I have an army of more than two million The third prince was so frightened that his face was livid.

At this time, the prince couldn t sit still anymore, he was a little worried, what happened to his father, the emperor, by Empress Liu Although everyone didn t think Empress Liu had such courage, Empress Liu was very ruthless.

weight loss sleep

When he walked to the door just now, Jiang Feng said lightly I believe in you, but it doesn t mean that I don t know that what you just am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss said Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart slim down biceps is a lie Huaying stopped in her tracks, turned around, and looked at Jiang Feng in disbelief, In that case, why do you still appetite suppressant antidepressant drugs say you believe me Because all I want is a result.

Who the hell would be willing to accept the leadership of someone who is far better than himself If what Yinghuang said is true, then Jiang Feng must have something best selling diet pill over the counter else.

Jiang Feng tugged on his pants in embarrassment, After watching the action movie just now, if am i in ketosis there is no reaction, is he still a man Get the hell out of here, you bastard Jiang Manrou cursed in embarrassment.

Heilong shook am i in ketosis his head again, Master, it s still not good. It s weird.

The second prince is a man of scheming, and small troubles are enough, but he is still far away from ruling the am i in ketosis world Besides, what is the foundation of the second prince in the court Of course we know that he is the bone that the sage threw to the third Golden IPTV am i in ketosis prince.

It was Jiang columbia university medical center weight loss Feng who the third prince wanted to kill. So Jiang Feng s predicament was even more serious.

This made Xia Ze s nerves tense all the time. From the first Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis floor to the second floor, and then to the third floor, Jiang Feng couldn t catch up.

xtreme diet pills

Although it only has the blood of a dragon, not a Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart real dragon, the taste must not be too bad am i in ketosis The evil spirit suddenly changed shape, turned into a bloody mouth, and rushed towards Jiang Feng.

Next, the prince can attack Jiang Feng without any scruples, without any scruples.

Get rid of Jiang Feng The am i in ketosis prince suddenly made up his mind. He had no such plan at first, but now that Yuwen Danqing said so, the prince immediately became murderous.

He didn t expect that the Tianmen Sect was really rich, and even had such rare minerals as the am i in ketosis Calcined Thunder Mine.

In just two days, he showed Jiang Feng his achievements. There were hundreds of pharmacies in the central city, and within two days, weight lifting for weight loss female plan almost all of them were emptied.

Her father, Kuishan, was also a good man Hao Kong, that one is a bit cowardly, but where can i buy phen caps Golden IPTV am i in ketosis he is also a good person, and he shouldn t am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss Golden IPTV am i in ketosis die But it was all because of the am i in ketosis scumbag Qingbao that they all died They were all Jiang Feng s saviors.

The am i in ketosis three of them still couldn t bear the domineering Otani. That steel like arm kept throwing the three of them flying.

As long as the prince dies, this matter can be completely covered up without anyone noticing.

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The situation, that is. The Son of Heaven, Xuanyuan Suyi, am i in ketosis is ultra diet pills barcelona spain also the little Jiujiu who is clear to Alchemy Golden IPTV am i in ketosis Valley, but because of the status of Alchemy Valley, it s okay to turn a blind eye.

There are also people s fears, which are their am i in ketosis own wives. Ridiculous fear, that is not uncommon.

Although Yin Chang is also there, it is obvious that he is a supporting belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf role and the other is the protagonist.

What the hell happened just now Kuangjue walked belly fat burning pills at walmart towards Jiang Feng in surprise.

What belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf s the matter with Xiao Hei He s usually very powerful. Why is he so useless now At the critical moment, he couldn t help at all, and Jiang Feng had to bear it by himself.

Although it was temporary, he was ranked fifth, but he was the fifth to advance.

why Because he is interfering in government affairs and participating in factional disputes.

Cut it off am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss the black dragon screamed. free weight loss pill trial free shipping Jiang Feng didn t hesitate at all, a wave of spiritual power wanted to chop the tree off.

Jiang Feng brought Yinghuang to the Alchemy Pavilion just Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis now, and am i in ketosis am i in ketosis He was stopped by p57 hoodia diet pills a man in a gray robe.

What s more, he has the full support of the chief alchemist Xie Yijue.

This was the result am i in ketosis he wanted. After throwing out this old face, isn t this what you ve been waiting for On the top 100 odds list, Jiang Feng is now firmly on the championship table, and no one has higher odds than him.

But I know that the monarch medical weight loss results Longevity Pill refined by this formula can increase the lifespan by one to two years.

It was just a pretentious act. I am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss just didn t expect it to have such an effect.

Jiang Feng was how to lose weight fast and easy for women actually able to enter the top 30 The second prince didn Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart t think highest selling weight loss pills about it at all.

Run You ran away, Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis how can I watch a good show Du Yin sneered. Is it enough Jiang Feng suddenly roared angrily.

With her slender am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis hands, she grabbed Jiang Feng s cutie. Jiang Feng gasped.

This man and two women are called Shuangfei, is this woman and two men considered Shuangfei This kind of thing that is too technical, Jiang Feng s innocent Xiaobai, they don how to lose the holiday weight fast t understand.

But just half how to lose belly fat diet an hour before entering the palace for the banquet, Jiang Feng suddenly realized something and began to practice in seclusion.

Seeing the size of the colorful python s eggs, Jiang Feng was also strongest diet pill on the market very puzzled, the contrast is too great But Xiao Hei was very happy, Concentration is the essence Jiang Feng brought the black dragon Xiao Hei to the miscellaneous tree.

Wang Yat nian s old face is completely lost by you Wang Yat nian Others don t know Wang am i in ketosis Yat nian, but she, Anise, doesn t know her grandfather Jiang Feng, it s Jiang Feng, only Jiang Feng knows his grandfather.

Sure am i in ketosis enough, the ginger is still old and spicy. Then what does Old Xiao mean Even if Old Xiao said something like this, even Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis if the third prince didn t want to, he wouldn t dare to offend Old Xiao.

After all, what Jiang Feng showed just now was his agility, not his strength.

How much weight can you lose overnight?

Is there any trick I think it s just that the skills are not as good as people Xie Yijue s face was flushed, is his Golden IPTV am i in ketosis skill inferior He was humiliated as inferior Impossible, Qingxin Dan cannot be so powerful Xie Yijue is like losing his mind.

Several other weight loss trick people, seeing this scene, turned pale with fright. Is this still the same person It s just a beast Come will vyvanse help me lose weight advantages of natural weight loss supplements on, let s go together Jiang Feng roared ferociously.

Before I leave, let me give you some pointers. Your teacher s wife was very if intermittent fasting dissatisfied with your performance just now.

The moment Jiang Feng appeared in front of her, Hua Ying was already in tears and rushed towards Jiang Feng.

Xia Ze knew that it would be no good if he came here today. Let him, the sect master, judge, so what else is there to judge Does this thing need to be judged Xie Yijue just wanted to force himself to offend Jiang Feng, so that he could have a chance to have a gap with Jiang Feng.

Who makes slim jim?

Here, too, is his am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart limit. Liu Wenqing took out a large amount of elixir from her bosom, and stuffed it directly into her spring medical weight loss clinic mouth.

Otherwise, apex tx5 vs phentermine the strength of Tianmenzong still doesn t know what level to upgrade to.

If I m not reckless and contradict Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis the emperor, then you may be in danger Jiang Feng had his purpose in doing so.

Old Xiao, what about now A number of five or five The white haired old Xiao was very conservative in his evaluation of Jiang Feng s am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss entry into Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis the top 100 list, only a number of five or five.

How to lose stomach weight in 2 days?

The other faction is radical, and if they burn fat and lose weight fast as hell want to do it, they will become big, and they will be rich and rich, and they will give charcoal to the second prince.

But what Jiang Feng thought in his heart was to wipe out himself, to wipe out all of his am i in ketosis 100,000 troops From the very beginning, Jiang Feng had already made up his mind that these hundred thousand elites would get everything they needed.

Empress Liu is really powerful. Jiang Feng stood under the eaves, squinting at the light rain.

You stop for me Xia Ze shouted. All the alchemists in this Alchemy Pavilion are awesome, I m going to find a decent alchemist for Tianmenzong Jiang Feng ignored Xia Ze.

If they want to escape, we may not be able to stop them Yan Su, the third prince s subordinate, was very worried.

Your Highness, I really can t bear to tell you am i in ketosis something, it will hurt you too much But it s okay am i in ketosis Actually, both parties know that our partnership is a scam Jiang Feng said directly It broke the relationship between the two people.

They definitely concluded that Jiang Feng was going for fat burners hydroxycut the monster king in am i in ketosis the fusion stage.

Jie Jie, how can my poisonous yin not participate in such a belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf good thing Unexpectedly, this poisonous yin also came and fell into the stone.

As soon as the three of Qingyan came out, they immediately joined Jiang Fenglai.

Marquis Weiyuan, best weight loss pills for stress please stand up I can t stand it, Your Majesty, my younger brother was attacked and humiliated by gangsters in Weiyuan City, and his life was ruined.

No, our am i in ketosis Tianmen sect will not do business am i in ketosis at a loss Losing business I need to throw out 15,000 points.

Qingyan Qingsi, you take Ah San with you Zuo Guangyu Qingfeng Yinghuang, you are in a group of weight loss pill appetite suppresant three Others, when taking a diet pill do you loss water weight first act alone Jiang Feng simply sub let, these people are relatively weak , Golden IPTV am i in ketosis so Jiang Feng asked them to cooperate.

This lesson is am i in ketosis impressive Yu Wangnima, now, Jiang Feng has made up his mind, whoever engages in democracy with you is an idiot Ahem, okay, then democracy, I listen to you We will hold a meeting in half an hour, and everyone will come up with a solution in a democratic way.

My information is more complete Gu am i in ketosis Long disagreed. What s the use In am i in ketosis the end, what others care about is always golo ingredients the top 100 list It s am i in ketosis also about your ranking Oh That s still useful, how much do I rank Jiang Feng became interested, he had never participated in any Therefore, his name was not included in the prediction of the top 100 list.

Although the breakthrough process was very long, Some people need a few days, and some people can even take two months.

This was a feast for alchemists, and Fennel came to join in the fun. She just wanted to see what level her alchemy skills had reached.

The entire ruling and opposition parties murmured that they must win Lin Changfeng over.

Now, will others believe him He am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss is a sect master. am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss If there is no evidence, it will only be a am i in ketosis worse does the keto diet work for weight loss loss.

I ask myself that I have seen a lot in this life, but this kid Old Xiao am i in ketosis shook his head. Monsters, I am i in ketosis m afraid there are no such monsters General Jin thought about the strange monsters in the monsters one by one in his mind, but none of them matched.

In this way, Xie Yijue would be a dumb man eating Coptis chinensis. No matter how he explained, no one am i in ketosis would believe it.

  1. medical weight loss wesley chapel: The warriors on both sides raised their shields Does The Fda Ever Approve Any Weight Loss Supplements obliquely to protect their upper bodies, and the warriors in the middle rows put their shields on their heads.

  2. get motivated to lose weight fast: He muttered. So I heard it, and I saved you. Mr. Dish said with a smile, and then raised one eyebrow, Okay, kid, this topic is over, now I want to know, do you have any plans when you go back I want to Shark Tank Fat Burner Pill go to Fermeyer, the city of glory, and find an opportunity to meet with the Prime Minister, and tell him everything I heard outside the secret room.

  3. celebrity workouts to lose weight fast: To be Testosterone Fat Burning Pills honest, the terrible threat of the invasion of demon gods from other worlds has also played a role.

  4. body sculpting diet pills: Don t worry, brothers, the real Proven Fat Burning Pills negotiation has not yet begun. A self deprecating smile appeared on the commander s face, We don t have to make a choice too early.

However, he is from Lingyan Pavilion, and Lingyan Pavilion will naturally slim diet reviews eventually go against Jiang Feng.

He originally thought that the two women must be from some great sect, so There will be such a pill on his body.

At that moment, Jiang Feng was completely hopeless. He could die in the hands of anyone, Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart but this person should not be his most trusted brother.

Who is willing to exchange resources for points among the disciples of Tianmen sect The entire point system, that is how many years the am i in ketosis Tianmen sect has implemented.

The lonely dragon stood up slowly. At this time, the clouds in the weight lifting routine for weight loss sky were accumulating the last am i in ketosis tribulation thunder.

It can t be burned at all At this choice diet pills moment, Jiang Feng s eyes darkened am i in ketosis in pain and he passed out.

It is also a kind of recognition for the dead soldiers, they are all warriors.

Come on, let him go He knew it was full of lies, but now the relationship between the two of Best Weight Loss Diet belly fat burning pills at walmart them had to be maintained by lies, otherwise it would be bad am i in ketosis for both parties.

Checks and balances, indeed we must learn to checks and balances. Even if his father is so great, it didn t make Lingyan Pavilion so inflated.

This trash, even if he was given such a disastrous defeat by an army of three million, he should apologise with death.

You must also have power, but the third prince With the support of the queen and the court Jiang Feng Golden IPTV am i in ketosis paced in the room, If the prince ascends the throne, with the am i in ketosis prince s character and ability, the Great Zhou will expand its territory Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis and become stronger.

But just outside, Yu Danqing had already arranged everything, and all the cultivators of Lingyan Pavilion were ambushing around.

He thinks I m a doctor Or a psychiatrist Psychiatry What is that Is a doctor a doctor Yuwen Qingshan was at a loss.

We haven t pursued you for injuring Jiang Feng Gu Long looked at him coldly.

However, your timing is bad Xia Ze and Shunqing understood that at this time, Jiang Feng must belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf never be interrupted.

Xiao replied flatly. Maybe your idea is right when you choose the second prince, but you were wrong from the beginning Really Jiang Feng smiled slightly.

Yin Chang hesitated for a moment, and threw something yellow to Jiang Feng.

No matter how arrogant Jiang Feng was with such an opponent, he had to be cautious However, Lou Xiaofu Children dimethylamylamine weight loss pills s Shoes, Jiang Feng s fanatical fan, had already taken the opportunity to open the two markets of 36 40 and 31 35 to the outside am i in ketosis world.

If you want to disintegrate this army of monsters, you must kill these three monsters in the tribulation medical weight loss clinic bars period Yu Danqing s face was gloomy.

At the same time, Tianmenzong has added two Transcending Tribulation Periods, am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss which is a leap in Tianmenzong s strength.

Raise your demon talismans The four demon talismans Red And White Fat Burner Pill am i in ketosis stood up, and only then did the furious monsters inside slowly regain their composure.

They are already preparing to let Jiang Feng am i in ketosis be eliminated in the fourth round.

Jiang Feng was too calm, with a calmness that didn t match his age. Summarized in one sentence from Zhong Dingmou s letter am i in ketosis Dr Oz Diet Pills Gnc am i in ketosis written by a queen Jiang Feng is the crown prince s biggest trump card.

Unexpectedly, Hu Henu actually refined this kind of evil elixir. Immediately, several people used their spiritual power to guard their dantian.

Continue to stay here and develop slowly, the emperor has not left the am i in ketosis customs yet.

Jiang Feng best selling weight loss pills in europe gave 400,000 of the am i in ketosis 1 million medical weight loss bars and shakes sets of Berserker Armor to the prince.

Eight two All right, but you can only sell this mighty pill to am i in ketosis me Deal It can be seen that Jiang Feng needs money.

But now his master Qian Lu is not in Tianmen Sect, Xia Ze has no backing, his current power is actually the weakest.

But in the end, it was still a disastrous defeat. They were almost killed by the ghost mastiff Ghost faced mastiff directly blows them all away.

But Liu Shi never mentioned that he knew that Jiang Feng. Is there something belly fat burning pills at walmart Medical Weight Loss Diet Plan Pdf wrong with this The warbler is cautious, and being cautious means being suspicious.

He broke with the prince because of Yuwen Qingshan. That s because the prince saw his merits, regardless of past suspicions.

No wonder he was able to attract so many followers. At Xiajiang Feng, I pay my respects to His Royal Highness the Second Prince No need to be too polite, in my palace, am i in ketosis just call me Chengwen The Second Prince smiled all over his face.

Hope he doesn t disappoint me The prince is indeed inflated now, and his ambition is hard to suppress.

This kind of pain was unbearable for Jiang Feng. Seeing this scene, the am i in ketosis woman in red also stepped up.

Most of the people couldn t withstand the last tribulation am i in ketosis thunder. The second tribulation thunder came, and Xia Ze was proud of it.

Jiang Feng slashed left and right, and the evil spirit was cut off. But there was too much evil spirit, and suddenly, a wave of evil spirit rushed into Jiang Feng s chest.

Offended your sect Sorry, you are am i in ketosis already death squads, your fate is to melissa maccarthy weight loss supplement die.

Supporting Jiang Feng on the one hand and Sanskrit on the other was quite intense.

but. The accident still happened, and he was caught off guard. His report every half an hour was also useless. The 300,000 troops of Tianfeng Kingdom were actually defeated by Jiang Feng s god of death, and they were still wiped out.

Everything is ready, everyone has appeared, and we can start after half an hour If you really want to recover this monster, then you must show up in time This God am i in ketosis Prescription Weight Loss Fusion Stage Although am i in ketosis the monster s strength has begun to decline, its temper is becoming more and more irritable.

In the past two days, the enemy attacked even more frantically. The prince resisted desperately.

But there are also a few people who think that although the approach is a bit disgusting, but am i in ketosis the gap in strength is so large, it is nothing to do this and make full use of the advantages that can be used by oneself However, with the passage of time, it has been three hours, and the winner has not yet been decided.

Lou Xiaofu from Ruanrou Township, because he was on Jiang Feng s side, now has to follow Jiang Feng to choose a side.

Senior, we are just ordinary people Qin He er was a little sour. These elixirs are all refined by Fennel Upon hearing that he had refined them, Ling Yanzhi s eyes almost dropped in surprise.

If you succeed today, then you can make it belly fat burning pills at walmart a matter of course Take away the points from me, this way, there is no am i in ketosis cost at all You re farting Xia Ze s pale am i in ketosis excuse.